Tuesday, February 10, 2015

{by the lake}

I'm writing today from the driver's side of my little Toyota, a cold two-day-old coffee in my hand and a sleeping baby in the back seat. Death Cab's new single is on the radio and I'm being embarrassing (but not embarrassed) and taking selfies. What? I'm having a great time. If you were here we'd take a picture together but I'm alone, so. Selfies.

I went to the University this afternoon because a friend of mine is doing some sweet stuff there with printmaking and I wanted to see her machines and all that. It was pretty inspiring and fun and the time on my parking meter ran out way too fast. So I'm going back next week. I love universities. Not enough to enroll in one, but visiting is pretty great.

Sullivan fell asleep on the way home. And basically the only thing I know for sure when it comes to parenting is WHEN THAT KID FALLS ASLEEP YOU DO NOT TOUCH HIM. I don't care if he falls asleep on a polar bear, YOU DO NOT TOUCH HIM. And if the polar bear wakes him up the polar bear is dead, no mercy. 

Anyway. When I realized he was out, I changed my course and headed to the lake instead of home and here I am. In my car chilling out watching the wind rearrange snow drifts. There just happened to be a nearly full cup of McDonald's coffee in the cup holder from a couple days ago and, yeah, it's cold, but it's still perfect. It all feels like a moment in a movie where the main character realizes something very important. 

I'm just going to sit here and close my eyes and let the car fill up with music while the wind, like a big, wild cat, howls and runs around the car and shakes us up a little. Perfect, perfect, perfect.