Sunday, February 15, 2015

{kite farm}

We went to a field north of the city to check out a kite board race this afternoon. I'm not all that into snowboarding or skiing but I do love kites. Who doesn't love kites? 

You? Get out.

When we pulled up, all of the athletes (over a hundred of them) were lined up at the starting line, and from where we stood the sky looked like it was full of technicolor geese. 

I wish technicolor geese were a real thing. 

The race was actually supposed to be held on Saturday, but we had a stupid heavy blizzard that day and the city pretty much disappeared. I mean, the way the wind was blowing there could have been some insane record breaking going on, but probably also lots of people breaking and death. Not optimal. Not optimal at all.

It was a slower race than I'd anticipated - the wind wore itself out yesterday and didn't show up much today, but it was still cool to watch the kites slowly get bigger and bigger until the sky was just full of them. It kind of felt like we were being attacked. Which was fun. Danger that isn't danger at all is fun.

I took 78 pictures, and deleted almost all of them on the way home. That's always the sign of a good time - something that feels very worth photographing at the time, but that you realize afterward can't be actually captured in a picture.