Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{pretend cookies}

I'm not up on the whole groundhog thing, (mostly because he always lets me down so I've just stopped caring about him and his stupid shadow) but I have a sinking feeling that winter isn't going to be over anytime soon. Because I woke up this morning to millions and billions of special little snowflakes, falling in such a way so as to land gently and yet somehow still crush all of my hopes and dreams.

I tried for a moment to pretend that they were flakes of sweetened coconut falling out of palm trees onto my beachfront property on some blisteringly hot tropical island, and that if I ran out there in my swimsuit and tried to make coconut angels on the lawn, I wouldn't suffer severe frostbite and lose all of my limbs. But you can only pretend that kind of thing to a point and then you die.

(Sung) Ohhhh Caaaanadaaaaa.

I think if there were a pie chart for my blog as of late it would show that I mostly complain about the weather, with slivers of conversation about listening to music and being a mom. So, here, I'll throw something craaaaaazy into the mix: a list of things that I've mixed together and baked lately that I pretend are cookies but that aren't cookies, not really, so I don't feel guilty about pretty much pulling the tray out of the oven and dumping them all into my mouth before they've even had a chance to cool.

(Is it still hyperbole if you're not exaggerating that much?)

I found this idea somewhere on the internet a few years ago (with just oatmeal and a banana) and it's one of those things I cherish to this day. So thank you, whoever posted that on Facebook.

My List:

- banana + white chocolate chips + coconut + Craisins
- banana + almonds + peanut butter + chocolate chips + oatmeal
- coconut + banana + peanut butter + sunflower seeds + chocolate chips
- coconut + banana + chocolate chips + oatmeal + cocoa
- banana + peanut butter + chocolate chips + oatmeal + sunflower seeds
- banana + coconut + cocoa
- peanut butter + coconut + oatmeal
- banana + white chocolate chips + cocoa + oatmeal
- probably other combinations I can't think of right now

Obviously, in case you haven't done this before, you need to bake them too. 350 for anywhere from 6-10 minutes. Depending on the differing amounts of ingredients. And the amounts of ingredients depends on your differing cravings and preferences. It's all very scientific. Or not at all.

I've been trying to branch out of the peanut butter chocolate chips rut I've found myself in lately, but not very hard because it's a tasty, melty rut.

If you have any suggestions though, please do, you know, hit me.