Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{dill pickle soup?}

We're a bunch of sickies over here, using up a year's worth of Kleenex and hacking up lungs all over the place. (Literally, there are lungs everywhere. I think I just stepped on one.)

It's a whole different ball game, being sick and having to still take care of someone else. I warmly remember days where, when my body started shutting down, I'd crawl into bed for a whole day (or as many days as it took) and just lay there, listening to audio books and podcasts and music while my internal germ fighters got their war on. It's not like that anymore. Oh well.

A perk? I'm up anyway; I might as well make soup.

I googled "the best easy soup", and the one that jumped up and out at me on the results page was a recipe called Dill Pickle Soup. I thought, Well, that's either going to be horrible or amazing, and there's only one way to find out which it is.

So that's what I'm doing right now. Alternately stirring soup and laying face-down on the floor while Sully climbs on my back and legs. He's having a blast, so that's good. (I sneezed just now and heard, from behind me, "CCCAAAAAHHHHHH-PPPPPZZZZZZZTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT!" Which, I can only assume, is Sullivan's best impression of me sneezing. Is that what I sound like, really? Yikes.)

Don't worry, I won't push publish until I've tasted the soup so I know whether or not to recommend it to you. Wait for it...

It's good. Not too pickle-y, very thick and flavourful. We decided that we'd add bacon and corn next time. Four thumbs up and a wee toothy grin.