Monday, March 23, 2015

Working Out

I work out now.

Like, I'm one of those people, the kind who gets up in the morning and does all kinds of strenuous, horrible things which technically constitute exercise. If you were sitting in the next room over, though, you'd just hear a lot of clumsy-sounding bumps and me saying, "UGGHHHH SHE HATES US ALLLLLL," and, "I HATE YOU TOOOOOOOO," a lot.

When I say 'she', I'm referring to the lady whose online workout program I'm, you know, 'doing'. I'm not here to shill for  people, but if you email me for the info I'll send you there. It's a really good one: free, less than half an hour per day, good for limited space and equipment, and kills you very dead. I feel like I may have even grown a muscle. Actually, at this moment, I feel like I am a muscle. I feel almost...invincible. Like Jillian Michaels except not anything like Jillian Michaels.

Anyway. I have a love/hate relationship with the whole thing. I hate working out, but I love having worked out, but I hate admitting to people that I work out, but I feel like I should be proud of it, too. Physical fitness is complicated.

But blogs are for complicated feelings, so here we are.


Another thing I've been working out is my radio voice. I got asked to go on CBC Radio 1's The Morning Edition last week and give a little concert review for that Dan Mangan show I went to. I even got to pick a song and intro it. (I picked Starts With Them, Ends With Us, obviously.)

I've always wanted to be a radio DJ. Did you know that about me? In a picture perfect world, I'd have a thirty minute radio show. I wouldn't say much, but I'd get to pick all of the music and I'd intro it and fade it in and out, and that would be enough for me. Like Ryan Seacrest except not anything like Ryan Seacrest.

However, since that whole radio DJ thing isn't going to happen for me (if you've heard me speak in real life you know why), I treasured my five precious minutes of air time like crazy. And a few of my friends texted to say that they heard me, and that was also cool.

So that's me lately. Living the dream for about five minutes and just sweating a lot the rest of the time. C'est la vie.