Thursday, April 09, 2015

Around Here

Here is a list of things that have been happening around my house:

1. I cut Barclay's hair.
2. Barclay cut my hair.
3. Barclay cut Sullivan's hair.
4. Sullivan is not allowed to touch the scissors, but wishes he could.
5. Spring came!
6. It blizzarded!
7. Spring came again, for sure this time.
8. We had another blizzard.
9. Everyone is sitting in their houses suspiciously peering out the blinds, crying and eating soup. It looks sunny, but the sun cannot be trusted.
10. We (Sullivan, actually) got a letter in the mail from my mom. I opened it for him and he was so excited about it and then I showed him how to make confetti out of the envelope and he was even more excited and everyone was so happy and having so much fun. The whole time I was like, "Why didn't I think of doing this before? He's loving this!" And then only two minutes later I was like, "I'm an idiot. Who teaches their kid to rip paper up into tiny pieces and throw it in the air?"
11. There are many little pieces of paper all over the living room for Barclay to clean up when he gets home.
12. Everyone just walking around being cute all the time. And also no temper tantrums and the house is always clean and living is simple. 
13. Haha.
14. My parents came to visit. 
15. I think spring might actually be here now.
16. Pictures: