Thursday, August 20, 2015

Je T'aime Chat et Pomme!

We're on vacation!

I'm writing this from a bench on Jean-Talon Street in Montreal. Barclay's in the store buying toothpaste and I'm drinking a coffee and Sullivan is having an uncomfortable-looking nap in his umbrella stroller. Every once in a while, someone will walk past and say something to me in French with a big smile on their face. I don't know French, though. I took a few years of French class in high school, so maybe I should. But I don't. Sorry, Mrs. Legge. Sorry, people of Jean-Talon street. 

(I mean. I know a few words that I could roughly string together into a sentence. So, like, if someone were to come up to me and say, "J'aime le chat et le four a micro-ondes et le supermarche et manger a pomme! Ferme le bouche! Est que je peux allez a le salle de bains?" I would understand that. But I don't think anyone will say that to me. Today, but probably also ever.)

So far, we're having a straight-up lovely time - thanks for asking. We're staying in a brick walk-up apartment in this sweet little neighborhood. The Jean-Talon market is a few blocks that way and Little Italy is just over there. We might stay here forever. We might! I'm serious!

Just kidding, though.

But seriously.

(A lady just rode by on a little red bicycle with a baguette in the basket.)