Thursday, April 21, 2016

Come In, Come In

(If you find yourself confused by this post, part I is here; maybe read that first)

My parents have been keeping me updated on the house progress via text and picture messages (for example, one day I got a text from Dad that said, "I think I got the flue!" accompanied by a selfie of him working on the chimney - he's never been one to shy away from a good dad joke. Or any other kind of dad joke.)

It's no small thing to move an old three-storey farmhouse 228 km, so there's lots to share, but I feel like most of you are just kind of itching to see the inside of this place. Let's call these the 'before' pictures, even though there'd already been a fair amount of work done before I took them.


Here's the front porch.

Step inside and to your left, and you're in the main floor's only bedroom. The next pictures are the dining room, living room, kitchen, butler's pantry, and staircase to the second floor.

(Hint: Look down if you're confused about which room you're in - no two floors are alike in this place.)

The second floor has four bedrooms and a bathroom - again, keep an eye on the floors. (The skateboard in the one bedroom did not come with the house. Mom and Dad have been using it to haul the cast-iron radiators out of the rooms they're working on. Those things are heavy.)

Last but not least: the attic, which is going to be one big bedroom.

And that's it. Or, a very condensed snapshot of it, anyway. More to come!