Monday, November 21, 2016

Fourth Friday

This week has been so long.

You're like, "Suzy, it's Monday."

But it's not Monday. It's actually Fourth Friday.

Because on First Friday, or, simply, Friday, as it's called in these parts, I said to Barclay, "Yay! It's Friday!"

And he said, "Actually, I have to work tomorrow."

And then he said, "And Sunday."

So Saturday was more like Second Friday, and Sunday was like Third Friday, and today doesn't really feel like Monday because we never had a weekend. We're not jumping into a new week, we're stretching the last one into this one like it's a piece of old gum. This whole next week is going to feel like Friday on repeat every day until actual Friday, or Eighth Friday, as it shall be called in our house.

Thankfully, I'm very busy these days. I'm not sitting at home staring woefully out the window. I've begun writing for a magazine based out of Colorado and keeping busy with my tourism ambassador stuff and we're also doing our final final final book edits this week (there's not a lot more nerve-wracking than final final final book edits).

So Friday, First Friday, I had an interview in the morning for a magazine article, and then I went home, pushed my face up against my computer screen and worked on that while Sully napped, and then I had a phone call with someone else, who wanted an article about local musicians for their website, and then I had to put together a proposal for that and then I went to Evraz to pick up my media credentials for Agribition and then I went shopping and bought six shirts and Dead Poets Society on VHS (bless the Log Cabin Thrift Store) and then I went for coffee with my high school bestie, Shlee.

With Fridays like that, who even needs Saturdays?

And this week: Agribition! Which I will probably blog about later. It's a week-long cow thing, which includes auctioneer competitions and jousting (with knights in actual armour) and rodeos and, I was told, mini doughnuts. I'm actually very excited about all of it, even though (or maybe because) it's so far outside of my realm of usual entertainment that I can't even picture any of it. I feel like I'm about to enter an alternate reality.

I do not own cowboy boots.

So, anyway, I don't know. Happy Fourth Friday and giddy, as they say at these kinds of events, up.