Thursday, November 10, 2016

Strange November

The weather's been weird this year; the seasons came all out of order. We had spring, then summer, then winter, and now we're having an eerily mild fall. Yesterday, it was almost +20, and I saw people in the park wearing shorts and tanks. Summer? Again?

It's been a really strange November, hasn't it? We might all be sleeping.

On any other November 9th, I'd probably be inside drinking something hot, but yesterday Becky came to visit and we went to Pop Up Downtown (every year, local artists fill empty spaces in Regina's downtown with art exhibits, turning the heart of the city into a little outdoor art gallery. There's a walking tour and reception, but then they leave it up for a while so people can enjoy it for a few months).

We downloaded the map off the website and did the whole tour, then hit the new Atlantis for coffees to drink while Sully played in the park without a jacket on. 

Without a jacket on! November, what even are you?

We talked a lot about politics. About the election. Donald. Becky's a super empathetic, thoughtful person, so I really like talking about tough subjects with her--and if this year's American election is not a tough subject, I don't know what is. 

I went into a coffee shop early yesterday morning and everyone was exchanging these knowing looks and the newspapers lying on the counters had his face on them and all I could think to say to anyone about it was, "I don't understand." I just kept saying that. I'll probably keep right on saying that.

I don't understand how it came down to those two candidates, I don't understand how people can be so horrible to each other in conversation about it, I don't understand the news I've been seeing about the fallout that has already taken place, I don't understand the lack of empathy and love people have for their fellow human beings, however different their beliefs and lives may be... It feels nightmarish at the moment, like everyone's sizing everyone else up and trying to figure out who's on their side. I read a really beautiful blog post from someone calling for peace and conversation and understanding and, flowing from those things, action, and, I kid you not, the first comment said something like, "No. I don't want to be at peace with those people."

I just sense a lot of fear from every side (not both sides; there aren't only two sides). Everyone's afraid, and fearful people are, ironically, terrifying

Anyway. I don't have any wisdom on the subject or anything to say that hasn't been said. It just makes me sad, is all. And it felt good to talk about it with someone who also didn't understand and wasn't afraid to admit it.