Friday, November 25, 2016

The Lay Awakes

I've always loved a good "how we met" story, especially if that meeting results in something more substantial than simple friendship - like bestfriendship or marriage or a band, or, even better, all three, as in the case of The Lay Awakes, an acoustic pop duo based out of New York. I know their "how we met" story because I had front row seats for it. Literally.

(Or I might have been sitting a few rows back; I can't remember.)

In any case, Patrick Anderson and Anna Paddock met at my husband's sister's wedding seven years ago, where he was both musician and best man and she played piano. It was, apparently, love at first jam session. They were married a couple of years later, formed the band three years after that, and put out a six song EP a year after that, in July of 2015.

Which brings us to December 1, 2016: I'll sitting in the front row once again (or, you know, a few rows back). But this time, instead of watching Anna and Patrick play music they've prepared separately for their mutual friends' wedding, I'll be watching them perform together as The Lay Awakes at one of my favourite Regina venues, the Artesian

It's the circle of life or something.

Listen here, tickets here, download the EP for free here.