Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Tourist Company

The Tourist Company has been radio haunting me this week with "Pedestals," a song from their most recent LP, Apollo.

I could tell this band was from Vancouver even before I looked it up--so many of my favourite Canadian bands are from (or based out of) there. There must be something in the water (or more possibly, those expensive lattes in Gastown). The Zolas, We Are the City, Mother Mother, Said the Whale, Rococode, etc... It's not that they all sound the same, they're just in the same proverbial family, so they have some similar musical mannerisms. It's like when someone you don't know walks into the room and you go, "I know exactly whose sister that is," but you can't figure out what tipped you off.

(Some year, I want to go CMW with someone and have a competition to see if we can guess which Canadian city each band is from based wholly on the sound of them. Sounds like good, nerdy fun, right? Call me if you are my person for this.)


The Tourist Company was in town playing the Artful Dodger last Thursday and I didn't go. I had something else that night.

But now, every time I climb into my car to go somewhere, this song is playing on the CBC. It's getting eerie, and it's making me sad. Next time they come through, I'll be there. I promise the whole Internet as well as whoever's spying on me at CBC (I'm looking at you, Rich Terfry).

If you live in Western Canada (Rossland, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver), you can still catch the tail end of their Apollo tour. And by 'can,' I mean 'should' (see also: have to).