Thursday, December 08, 2016

In Which We Meet Rachel Del and Eat a Donut

So yesterday I met someone from the Internet at a casino. Her name's Rachel and she's an author and she lives right in Vegas. People live in Vegas! Isn't that weird? We went out for chicken wraps and completely forgot to take a picture together, but I promise it happened. Proof: she blogged about it here.

One of the week's highlights, for sure. Internet friends are the best (1999 me is gasping and eye-bulging all over the place). 

(And the chicken wrap was so good, I went back there this morning for breakfast with my husband and his boss and coworker - but it was a weird second impression because the waiter seemed to be literally wishing away my existence. He refused to look at me, just about didn't take my order, brought everyone coffee except me, and didn't even bring me all of my food. It was bizarre and though I feel a little self-conscious about being so thoroughly hated by a complete stranger, it was mostly hilarious.)

Here's my daily photo drop, for those of you who aren't sick to death of neon lights. We didn't do as much yesterday, since we spent a good chunk of time hanging with Rachel, but I think that was probably good for my hips and my definitely over-stimulated two-year-old. We took the monorail to the Linq and wandered around the Wynn and the Venetian for a couple of hours, found donuts, got a burrito, called it a day. It was quite lovely.