Thursday, December 29, 2016

Suzy's ABCs of 2016

I miss Myspace sometimes. I feel like I might be the only person in the world who misses Myspace. It's nostalgia more than anything.

Nostalgia is probably my number one emotion. One of my number one emotions. Maybe all of the emotions are my number one emotion? I tried to think of a number two and a number three but I just kept promoting everything up alongside nostalgia. What a discovery! I have no secondary emotions. No wonder I'm so exhausted in my brain all the time.

The point is that I'm just constantly walking around in a nostalgia smog; it's, like, visceral. And, anyway, I was on Instagram today and saw that my friend Courtney had done this post called Courtney's ABCs of 2016. I felt a familiar twinge as my little heart filing cabinet opened and my brain remembered Myspace surveys and how much I loved them. There was a rush of nostalgia and I immediately felt the burning desire to do my own ABC post. I guess there's a fine line between public self-reflection and blatant narcissism, but...I've been blogging for almost a decade so that line's probably way back in 2008.

That said, here's my 2016 alphabet:

A - Austin, Texas, with Barclay and Sully for a weekend.

B - Bought my first ever new couch? It's green. I bought it with money that I made teaching a writing workshop, so I guess it's maybe a little more special to me than it would've been otherwise.

C - Ceese, my little sister, got engaged to Daniel(!).

D - Drank so much coffee: at the Bean, Fix, Drip, Country Corner, Brewedney, Starbucks, Artful Dodger, 33 1/3, French Press, Stone's Throw, both Atlantises, Cafe Francais...good grief. Other ones too. McDonald's, sometimes.

E - Evanescence didn't make it onto any of my playlists, which shouldn't really surprise anyone, but I made lots of them (playlists) and discovered a whole bunch of new favourite bands and songs. You can follow me on Spotify to hear them, and you should tell me if you're on Spotify so I can follow you back.

F - Funeral for my sweet little cousin, Jordan, who passed away at 23. I don't know what more to say about it so that I don't sound like I'm being flippant, but it was an important and terrible part of the year so I didn't want to leave him out.

G - Got out into the city a little more, learned about and met some of the amazing and selfless people who are doing so much to help others in Regina.

H - Hung out with some exceptional friends - made some great new ones too.

I - Interviewed a couple of interesting folks for Fellow Magazine articles. I'm pretty rusty at interviewing, but will hopefully get better at it.

J - Joined a writer's club.

Or! Could be

J - Job - as in, Barclay got a new job at the Rusty Shovel.

K - Kissed Barclay. Don't tell anyone. (K was a really hard letter to think of something for)

L - Live music: Death Cab, Metric, Leisure Cruise, Honeymoon Suite, BreakOut West, City and Colour, Summer Invasion, Folk Fest, Trifecta Festival, Jon Bryant, The Lay Awakes, and others.

M - Made wedding invitations for one of my oldest friends (yay, Leah!).

N - Never did get around to making a detailed cleaning schedule and sticking to it. Whatevs.

O - Owe Kate Evenson two or three bucks. Anyone else? I hate thinking that I have unpaid debt. I think I owe Julia a coffee as well. Seriously tell me if you're reading this and you're fuming over something I owe you. I just sold a picture frame on Varage Sale and have a tiny bit of loose change now, so...

P - Prepared a sandwich at some point, I'm sure.

Q - Quit writing for Coffee + Crumbs.

R - Renovations! (My grandma accidentally bought an old farmhouse at an auction sale and my parents are completely renovating it and moving in this year.)

S - Sullivan turned two, and we had a really, really fun year together.

T - Tourism Regina made me one of their Tourism Ambassadors and sent me to BreakOut West, Agribition, the Hotel Sask, Culture Days, Pulse Week, and a Rider game.

U - Upset over an abnormally high number of news stories this year.

V - Vegas with Barclay and Sully for a work trip. Explored the crap out of that place and met a blog friend.

W - Wrote a book with the C+C girls - due out this spring. (Wrote other things too, published and not.)

X - XXIX (Turned 29 what is happening.)

Y - Yes, I sort of grew a garden. In pots. Sort of.

Z - more sleep this year than the past two combined, I am fairly dang sure. Thank you, Sullivan. Finally.

Thanks, Courtney. That was fun.