Thursday, February 09, 2017

Teeth Week, Too

Today, an SUV and a car crashed into each other in an icy intersection while I sat at a red light. There was a solid clunk and a spray of car pieces, and the SUV spun off like a rock on a curling rink and came to a stop right beside me. We all blinked at each other a lot; everyone was okay but it was weird. Accidents are weird. I always wonder what people had been talking about just before, or what they're late for now, or if they'd been having a really great or really terrible day prior to this.

I was on my way home from the dentist.

I had to get fillings. I've never had fillings before. I've always had this silly sense of pride regarding my teeth. They're not pretty or anything—one of them's fake and a bunch of them are chipped (life's been hard on my mouth)—but dentists always seem really happy about them anyway. What healthy gums! they chirp at me, smiling. No cavities! You must floss every day! (I don't.)

But my streak is over, and I've been demoted to cavity-riddled LOSER. The dentist neither chirped nor smiled and I found myself apologizing to him, like cavities were contagious and he might catch them just by looking at mine. Totally humiliating...however, I did get to watch TV laying down in the middle of the afternoon today. Come to think of it, it was kind of luxurious, aside from the bits of enamel flying from my face and, you know, the grinding.

(Be right back, going to gargle with Coke.)

A list of other notable things from today:

1. I bought tickets for Jimmy Eat World in Saskatoon in April, and promptly felt sick to my stomach. This is my body's automatic reaction to excitement/anticipation: it immediately tricks itself into thinking it's got the flu. It's really cute. But seriously: I'm so excited for this concert. Jimmy Eat World is steeped in so many years' worth of nostalgia for me (I mean, they've been putting out albums since 1994, and their most recent came out this past year, so). Jimmy Eat World is like the Seinfeld of my music experience: there is a song for every situation.

2. I made my first ever latte, and it smelled, acted, and tasted like an actual latte. I spent the entire rest of the day looking forward to tomorrow, when I can make another latte.

3. Kiersten gave me a sugar cookie shaped like a heart with my name on it.

And now I'm here, listening to Jimmy Eat World's Integrity Blues and smiling my aching face off. And tomorrow morning: it's back off to the dentist, for the third time this week (which makes it sound like my teeth are really terrible. They're not; it's just that my dentist, for whatever reason, kept booking me in for shorter 'sessions' than I needed. It's annoying, but whatever. It's almost as though when I called last week 'Teeth Week' in the previous blog post, this week got jealous and decided to compete. Whatever, this week. You can be Teeth Week too.)