Friday, February 03, 2017

Teeth Week

The weekend is here a day early! Sullivan is playing guitar with Barclay in the basement and I'm upstairs all alone.

Breathe. Ahhhh.

Silence is really nice.

(...she said happily, as she cranked up the music and shooed the silence back out the door from whence it came. Bye, Silence! Love you!)

I'm listening to Common Deer on the advice of Jason, who is coming here this weekend to teach me and Barclay the art of making espresso drinks. We're going to hit up Caliber for some good beans and spend the whole weekend learning how to make those fancy leaves in our lattes. Like the geeks we are, we've been counting down the days to this weekend like it's Christmas.

It's been a really lovely week, though. If you follow me on Instagram, you know it's consisted largely of eating--and who can complain about a week like that?

On Tuesday, my friend Leasa from Downtown Regina invited me along for a travelling supper as part of Regina Restaurant Week. We hit up 20Ten for an appie, Golf's for salad and an entree, and Crave for dessert--all places I'd never been before but can now whole-heartedly recommend (and if you're local, you can still get in on restaurant week until tomorrow).

The group was huge and Leasa's only request was that we sit in different spots at each location, so I got to meet a bunch of new people (I'm continually amazed that there are more new people to meet). We ate for four hours. This is my life now. See you in fifty pounds.

The next night, Barclay and I went out with the Tourism Regina crew to The Willow on Wascana, another local restaurant I've never been to before but have always wanted to try. I think they called it a customer experience night, or something like that.

Basically, they brought us almost every dish on the menu, and the chef would come out and explain what we were eating and where they'd sourced the ingredients, etc, which is always a fun thing. We had bone marrow and bison tongue and pork wellington and wild boar chowder and oyster mushroom tostada with sheep's feta and beef cheeks on gnocchi and some kind of fish and tandoori chicken and sour cream and onion doughnuts and chocolate budino and apple cake...

There might have been other things, too.

It was a legitimate Experience, though. Two days later, Barclay and I are still talking about it like it was a show we went to, discussing and dissecting the flavours and strange but wonderful combinations. We even came home with a couple of boxes of leftovers (oh, hey, Tyson, you left your box sitting on the table when you left and we took care of it for you) and have been trying to use them as slowly and creatively as possible.

Like! This morning, I used the leftover beef cheeks in a kind of weird beef breakfast taco thing, with puff pastries (made from SCRATCH--this recipe) instead of tortillas and fried eggs on top. Look at me now, I am very legit. (I ain't too proud to brag: it was really good.)

And then yesterday, I took Sullivan to the dentist for the first time ever and he hated it.

So I guess if you think about it, this week was really about teeth, start to finish. Bless 'em.