Thursday, March 09, 2017

My Reading Nook

House goals as a 10-year-old: 

- A reading nook
- a library (not a little library; I mean one with a ladder and several floors)
- Secret passageways and rooms
- A turret
- A slide somewhere
- An elevator
- A windy staircase
- Skeleton keys for all the door locks
- Secret passageways that anyone who knows about the other secret passageways doesn't know about
- trampoline floors
- swimming pool right off (pretty much inside) the bedroom (so I could jump out of bed into the pool)

House goals as a 29-year-old:

- Like, the same, but now I have common sense and know I can't have almost any of those things. Except the reading nook and a massively scaled-back library.

All this to say: I finally got my reading nook. *Jazz hands*

Here's a picture of what our living room looked like about three years ago (come to think of it, I took this picture the day Sully was born). Since that time, most of this stuff has been sold on Varage Sale.

We hit up Ikea for cheap book and CD cases, and Barclay made a fake wall so they would appear to be built in (does that count as a secret room? There's space back there enough for, like, five people). I got that green bench for cheap from the Sears outlet store (it opens up; we keep Sully's toys in there) and the window mirrors off Varage. The twinkle lights are bright enough to read by at night. 

Voila: the reading nook of my 10-year-old dreams, surrounded by the library of my 29-year-old dreams (all of my CDs fit too!), arranged by genre, but not by the Dewey Decimal System. I've already logged many hours of reading time in there. It's cozy. It looks tiny, but it's not—Barclay and I can both fit in there comfortably.

This is my thrilled face (I'm smiling, I promise).