Monday, March 27, 2017

This Coming Weekend

Well, I've been counting down the seconds to this coming weekend for over a year—or, actually, my whole life—and now it's here: it's the weekend of my first ever book launch party. For a book I'm actually in. With book signings and live readings and live music. It's a dream I've been having since I was in grade 3, when I wrote that book about a girl whose best friend moves away (it took up an entire notebook and oozed with all the pre-pre-teen angst I could squeeze out).

Anyway. The book launch is in Sacramento, California on Sunday, April 2 and, it turns out, I'll In good old Regina, Saskatchewan. It would be silly for me to pretend I'm not sad about it, so there it is: I'm sad. There's nothing worse than counting down to something for your whole life and then having it evaporate just before you get to it. It's like a mean magic trick.


Mercifully, I will not be spending the weekend crying on my couch. I have plans. SO MANY PLANS. And they're great plans, not just "well, I guess I should make the best of this" plans.

There's a birthday party for a great friend on Friday night.

Saturday morning, I'm going for doughnuts (you should come too, if you're reading this and we're friends. Text me, I'll give you details).

There's an art reception for another friend's grad show at the Mackenzie on Saturday (actually, while I've got you here, you should come to that too, if you're local. Ava Wild's doing the live music and there's going to be a taco pop-up restaurant hosted by Malinche; it's going to be amazing, and I'll introduce you to my artist friend, Beth. She's cool).

Becky (a bestie who moved away last fall) is coming into town for that, and I'm so excited to see her. She's my +1 for the reception. Or I'm hers. Or we're each others'. Or whatever.

On Sunday afternoon, Robyn and I are taking our kids to see the Regina Symphony Orchestra perform Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf(!!).

And then Sunday night, I'm going to see Vanilla Ice and Salt-n-Pepa with Kaeli, who is one of my most enthusiastic people, and who will not let me not dance. I'm so thankful for friends like that.

These things all just kind of came up, one by one, over the course of this past month, and typing it all out like this is really getting to me right now. Like, how awesome to be able to spend this weekend, which would've otherwise been a little hard, with a bunch of the best people I know, celebrating them and having fun with them and enjoying music with them, all that.

When I started writing this, I was feeling grouchy and sad, but now I'm feeling thankful and nothing else. It's going to be a great weekend. I'll just keep right on counting down to it.