Friday, March 31, 2017


You know what we don't have in Regina? A solid doughnut scene. We have all the other scenes, as far as I know—roller derby, coffee, music, whatever whatever (there are lots of scenes), but if you want a doughnut in the Queen City, you have to eat one of those pretend ones from Tim Hortons aka Canadians Have Bad Taste in Coffee (I'm sure that had to have been one of the names previously considered for the franchise). 

But here's a happy truth, Regina: the doughnut scene is coming. In fact, it may already be upon us. Like Saskatchewan winter in September.

The first I heard of it was on the Instagram feed of a friend: they mentioned that 33 1/3 (a newish coffee shop in my neighbourhood) was getting doughnuts in from Northern Belle Bread every Saturday. I went to check it out for myself last week, along with seven of my enthusiastic doughnut-loving friends and all of our kids (sorry, 33 1/3), and we watched the fresh doughnuts sell out in 35 minutes. 

If that's not proof Regina's due for a doughnut scene, I doughnut know what is.

Yesterday, a stranger contacted me on IG. They said something like but not necessarily: "I'm making doughnuts tomorrow. You want some?" They'd seen my overt enthusiasm for doughnuts on there, I suppose. 

I was like, "Yep, what's your address?" 

The stranger gave me directions, and I went to her house, and she didn't murder me (a legit possibility I'd forgotten to consider). It was fantastic. I think we're even friends now. Plus, she gave me these:

Oh, sorry, the focus seems to be on the sleeping child (in mom language, that means I don't have to share these) in the backseat in that picture. I'll try again:

The (ex)stranger's name is Katie, and she makes sourdough doughnuts out of her house and sells them. I meant to take them all home and share them with Barclay, at least, but I have to tell you; they didn't all make it. I mean, Sullivan was asleep. I had music and doughnuts and a sleeping kid. So obviously, I pulled over on a quiet street and ate the peanut butter one. And it was deadly. I'm not just saying that.

And then Sullivan woke up and I had to share. Rats.

The ones I have left are maple glazed with pecans, and some kind of strawberry cream-filled situation. Guys. Let's have lots of parties. I'll bring the doughnuts. I know people now.

You should check out both women's IG feeds: theeverydaykitchen and northernbellebread
I'm pretty sure they both do orders, and I can personally vouch for the quality.
I have to say, also: neither person put me up to this post. I'm just trying to further the #YQRDOUGHNUTSCENE
Get on board, everybody. It's time.

OH AND: There's apparently a third: Do Si Donuts, who sells their wares at the Farmer's Market. Someone needs to check that out and let me know how it is. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be delicious I'm sure.