Thursday, May 04, 2017

Here's A Sequel No One Asked for About Dirty Shoes in the House, in Which We Also Learn About Similes

It is spring and it is wet
And wow! How dirty your shoes get!
Don’t cover my floors in that scuzz
Please leave the ground there where it was

You track the whole earth through this place
A happy smile on your face
I says and sizz and sazz and suzz,
“Please leave the ground there where it was!”

I sweep and mop and then repeat
Ugh, leave the puddles on the street
I ask you ‘do,’ son, so please does—
Do leave the ground there where it was

I am like a bumblebee
(This is, of course, a simile)
My voice is an annoying buzz,
“Pleazzzzzzze...leave the ground there where it wazzzzz.”


  1. I need you to write more of these and then publish them.

    1. Oh man, it is a lifelong dreeeeam to write a children's book. Like an actual one. I'll let you know if it ever pans out.

  2. I love the dirt, it's plain to see,
    I even drag it in with me.
    I tried to share my joy with you,
    But out came the broom and dustpan too.

  3. ok these are fantastic and you are the best

    1. High praise, coming from an actual comic artist. Bless you.


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