Friday, May 05, 2017

OH It's a Trilogy Now! Today, We Learn About Hyperbole

I put some green stuff on your plate
And you are instantly irate
You grunt just like a bull would do,
Eat this; it is good for you

Your mouth is closed shut like a door
That shall not open, evermore
It isn’t poison, mud, or poo
Eat this; it is good for you

The tiny list of things you’ll eat
Does not include veggies or meat
Now what am I supposed to do?
Eat this; it is good for you

More stubborn than a bull would be
(This is, perhaps, hyperbole)
But you won’t touch, or taste, or chew
Eat this; it is good for you


  1. It's not that I think all vegetables are bad,
    But there's ever so many cookies to be had.
    And doughnuts, now, what about those?
    Please don't feed me from where the grass grows.


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