Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This Week

Oh, it's summer.
Oh, summer's half over.


Barclay said I should write a blog post. He said it's been over a month. I checked. I said, "Oh, it's summer."

And then, "Oh, summer's half over."

And then, "Well."

It got away on me, because, to be honest, it's been a time of don't know, Stuff. Stuff going down. Working on Stuff. Stuffy stuff stuff.

And that is exactly why I haven't been writing on here. I have lost the ability to articulate what is going on in my life. Let me try a metaphor instead:

2017 is neon green, with racing stripes and an obnoxious-sounding engine and I'm the unfortunate pedestrian who was texting while crossing the street and didn't see 2017 headed straight for me.

It struck me, is what I'm saying. And I flew into the air and, for a considerable amount of time, was floating somewhere in outer space still trying to send that darn text and wondering why I didn't have any bars on my cellphone.

And then (now), I realized that the year was half over (yes, it is), and a bunch of stuff had happened (oh, so much stuff), and I've done a terrible job of recording it on my web log (pushes glasses up nose nerdily). Still in outer space, but aware of it now. Will come down in 2018. Meh-beh.

There. That about sums it up.

But, to appease my husband, I will write a blog post. I will call it 'This Week,' and in it, I will list a few things about, you guessed it, this week.

My, what a lot of preamble.

Okay, so this week:

Monday: Finished a round of book edits, sent them to my agent, brain promptly crumbled up into a pile of dust. Swept brain into garbage, added "Brain" to shopping list on fridge.

Tuesday: I don't have a clue. What even was Tuesday? I think I went to Giant Tiger. I don't even know why. I vaguely remember trying on a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts and four t-shirts, and deciding to buy them all, and not buying any of them. I'm sure I did something else, but what? If you saw me yesterday, if we hung out or texted, can you just give me a call and help me remember what happened in that black abysm of my memory?

Wednesday: It's Wednesday now, isn't it? Which means I actually have to go. I need to hit up the Evraz Place Admin Office and pick up my media packet for the Queen City Ex (woo!), and then I need to get some stuff for my sister's bachelorette party on the weekend.

Oh, before I go, in kind of the same vein (the Tourism Regina one and also the things happening this week one): Reginacadabra is starting tonight and running until Sunday. IT'S A MAGIC FESTIVAL. LET'S ALL GO. I'm so nerdy about magic; I love it. One of the magicians performing fooled Penn and Teller twice. If you know what that means, I love you.

Okay. I'm out. What a marvellously coherent post. I am out of practise.