Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This Week

Oh, it's summer.
Oh, summer's half over.


Barclay said I should write a blog post. He said it's been over a month. I checked. I said, "Oh, it's summer."

And then, "Oh, summer's half over."

And then, "Well."

It got away on me, because, to be honest, it's been a time of don't know, Stuff. Stuff going down. Working on Stuff. Stuffy stuff stuff.

And that is exactly why I haven't been writing on here. I have lost the ability to articulate what is going on in my life. Let me try a metaphor instead:

2017 is neon green, with racing stripes and an obnoxious-sounding engine and I'm the unfortunate pedestrian who was texting while crossing the street and didn't see 2017 headed straight for me.

It struck me, is what I'm saying. And I flew into the air and, for a considerable amount of time, was floating somewhere in outer space still trying to send that darn text and wondering why I didn't have any bars on my cellphone.

And then (now), I realized that the year was half over (yes, it is), and a bunch of stuff had happened (oh, so much stuff), and I've done a terrible job of recording it on my web log (pushes glasses up nose nerdily). Still in outer space, but aware of it now. Will come down in 2018. Meh-beh.

There. That about sums it up.

But, to appease my husband, I will write a blog post. I will call it 'This Week,' and in it, I will list a few things about, you guessed it, this week.

My, what a lot of preamble.

Okay, so this week:

Monday: Finished a round of book edits, sent them to my agent, brain promptly crumbled up into a pile of dust. Swept brain into garbage, added "Brain" to shopping list on fridge.

Tuesday: I don't have a clue. What even was Tuesday? I think I went to Giant Tiger. I don't even know why. I vaguely remember trying on a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts and four t-shirts, and deciding to buy them all, and not buying any of them. I'm sure I did something else, but what? If you saw me yesterday, if we hung out or texted, can you just give me a call and help me remember what happened in that black abysm of my memory?

Wednesday: It's Wednesday now, isn't it? Which means I actually have to go. I need to hit up the Evraz Place Admin Office and pick up my media packet for the Queen City Ex (woo!), and then I need to get some stuff for my sister's bachelorette party on the weekend.

Oh, before I go, in kind of the same vein (the Tourism Regina one and also the things happening this week one): Reginacadabra is starting tonight and running until Sunday. IT'S A MAGIC FESTIVAL. LET'S ALL GO. I'm so nerdy about magic; I love it. One of the magicians performing fooled Penn and Teller twice. If you know what that means, I love you.

Okay. I'm out. What a marvellously coherent post. I am out of practise.


  1. Having just written a vaguely incoherent post at 2 am to battle insomnia, I think this is fine, but maybe I'm also just desperate for blog posts. (But I'd rather you finish editing so I can read the book.)

    1. Hahahaha it is dang hard to write a book and keep up on blogging at the same time! Good grief. :)

  2. Okay, what?!?!? Your sister's bachelorette party?!?! When did THAT happen??!! (One of the above mentioned things happening in 2017 I would guess.). And the Regina Ex? If that's not an absurd amount of people than I don' know what is. (As to conversation we had at the beginning of this aforementioned summer about crowds.). Just helping your memory out, it seems to have imploded.

    1. Yep, my little sister's getting married (WHAT) in two weeks.
      And I suppose it is a lot of people—I'm intentionally going on the first day in the afternoon because I've heard it's less busy then! I guess you have to pick your crowds, and I've never been to the Ex before, so...

  3. I'd rather you finish editing so I can read the book.


  4. I'd rather you finish editing so I can read the book.



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