Monday, August 14, 2017

A Trip to the ER, A Wedding, and RFF2017

On Wednesday, Sullivan accidentally stabbed himself in the throat with a stick and we had to go to the Emergency Room (because no matter how many times you yell, "Don't run with that!" kids will, indeed, still run with whatever 'that' may be). (He has, quite possibly and I hope, learned his lesson now.) (And yes, I do have awful flashbacks every time he picks up a drumstick.)

He's fine now. I look in his mouth with a flashlight every night before bed and we have him on antibiotics, which we have to hide in his yogurt because he thinks they taste bad (meanwhile, I remember wanting to drink the whole bottle as a kid).

Throats are very important. I'm thankful his is okay.

After the incident, we headed off to Frontier, Saskatchewan for my little sister's wedding. It was a beautiful day and Elise looked really happy about everything.

The ceremony was at 10:30 in the morning and she had an early afternoon reception, so we left Frontier around 6 and were back in Regina around 10:30 PM. I thought, "Oh hey. Tegan and Sara and are on at 10:50. I could still make it!" And I did.

I also made it to the free stages on Sunday afternoon, just in time for Begonia's set with Charly Hustle, Vox Sambou, and Como Mamas. Sitting on the grass in Vic Park listening to live music is one of my favourite things; it's almost just a bonus when the music is mind-blowing. 

And the music was mind-blowing.

Then Barclay and Sully joined me and we did a little wandering, grabbed sandwiches from the free grilled cheese stand, and sat under a tree while De Temps Antan started their set on the main stage. It was such a perfect afternoon—the sun was bright but not too hot, the people were happy, and the music covered all the bases.

We stuck around for a few acts and then took Sully home to bed, and my heart sank with the sun as I realized that yet another Folk Fest has come and gone and I have to wait all the way until 2018 to know the lineup for next year.