Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vague and Inane Things

It's 7:22 am and I'm at the Brewed Awakening on Hill. I drove here through the park, by the lake, and the sun had just come up so everything was extra golden. I'm at a spot by the window, facing the door. Everyone who comes through it is, at first, face to face with me. I'm like the coffee shop greeter. I don't hate it; everyone so far has been very sleepy but very happy and some of them smile and say hello to me as they pass. The music playing over the sound system is bland but not unbearable radio-friendly folk rock. I have coffee, a given.

I haven't been getting my Wednesday morning writing sessions in lately. I've got a good excuse or two, but still, I've missed it. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into a rhythm again.

I thought typing out a little blog post before getting to work would help get the words moving around my head, like the agitator in a washing machine—that's pretty solely the purpose of this blog at the moment, to be honest. Word agitator.

So then, what to write about? That's always the hard part. You can't run the washing machine without clothes inside (I mean you probably could, but...). It's not even that there hasn't been anything going on in the month since I last wrote here; I've got lots of proverbial clothes for the machine. In fact, I'd go so far as to make that good old, slightly histrionic claim that my world has recently been turned upside down, or at least tipped over on its side—it's nothing bad, at all, just nothing I can blog about right now. In fact, that's probably the main reason I've been so quiet here and on Instagram lately. I haven't wanted to be vague and annoying (I guess I all of a sudden don't care about that, oops), but I also wasn't sure I could talk around this thing at first, which to describe it...a teensy bit all-consuming. So I thought maybe I could acknowledge it without naming it and that would be cathartic and then I'd be able to write about other things and post pictures of my shoes on Instagram again.

I know, I know. This is all pretty ridiculous but, like, oh well. You can email me if you're just dyyyyying to know what's up, how's that? I like when people email me.

Anyway, that's that. I'm getting used to the new sideways world, and feel like I could probably come back here and start documenting the inane details of my life again. Aren't you so excited?

Let's begin:

I'm working on a second book right now. My first one is coming to the end of its editing process (it's sitting in my agent's inbox at the moment) and will soon be ready to send out to publishers, which is incredibly nerve-wracking, but in a good way, I think. I get a cramp in my leg when I think about it, isn't that weird? This is next-level excitement; I actually try not to give it too much thought because it's so physically uncomfortable.

I'm going to hang some wallpaper in the living room. It's blue and white. I initially found it on Etsy, where a single roll cost over $200. I was sad about not being able to afford it. Then, the next day, I was walking through Winners and there it was and I got all I needed for a grand total of $15. It felt like a gift from whoever's monitoring my internet search history. Blessings on them.

I'm going to get a haircut! Just a trim.

Barclay and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday. 8 years! We bought each other the Snarky Puppy DVD We Like it Here and went out for supper at our favourite restaurant, where we have officially achieved Regulars status (we have a favourite burger there and whenever we go, one of us orders that one and the other orders one we haven't tried yet and we cut both in half and share and judge the new one against the old one and the old one always wins. We have the same waiter every time and he knew last night to bring us a knife to split our burgers without us even asking, which made me happy. I feel like we should bring him a Christmas present this year).

Okay. I should probably do what I came here to do. Later, as they say, Gator.