Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Favorite and a Surprise

Winterruption happened again last weekend—a three day music festival right in the middle of dreary Saskatchewan January. I'm so thankful for it every year; having something to look forward to in the coldest, darkest part of the year is almost vital.

The great thing about RFF events is that I generally go into them knowing about half of the acts, and the ones I don't know become favourites. Like, last year, I hadn't heard of Begonia, and now I LOVE HER. I was so happy to hear they were bringing her back for this year's festival. They could get her every year and I'd never be mad about it.

This is her latest EP; it's incredible—and even better live.

Saskatoon's Close Talker ended up being this year's surprise, which was kind of funny. I'd heard of them before (my cousin Sarah actually starred in their music video [below] last year), but hadn't really given them a solid listen. Their live show was so great, though, the exact right mix of heavy and intricate. I'm a brand new fan.

Waking Up (Official) - Close Talker from Shoulda Danished on Vimeo.