Monday, February 19, 2018

Found in the Drafts Folder (Part II)

In which I share some of the puzzling things I found in my drafts folder, blog posts I started to write and never finished, and which are now devoid of context or conclusion and, therefore, baffling to me:


There's a scientific law which states that if there's a piano sitting in a room full of people, and if it is not being used and if it is old and creaky and dissonant, it will attract the person in the room with the least musical ability. 

- May 2017 (I can't remember what piano in what room full of people inspired this.)


I don't usually run errands in the evening. 

- November 2017 (Must have run an errand in the evening that night.)


Overheard from the other room:

Barclay: Uh, maybe we shouldn't drum with knives.
Sullivan: Why?
Barclay: Because this is a home, not a circus.

- September 2016 (Typical.)


I'm at my parents' farm in the living room on a

- December 2012 (I know I'm me, but when I found this post I couldn't help but wonder if I died right in the middle of writing it.) (AND WHAT WAS I ON, I MUST KNOW!)


The month of December was like a dinosaur. It was like a T-Rex or a Pterodactyl that just came out of nowhere and bit my head off.

- January 2013 (I am ridiculous. I am sorry.)


I was wearing three sweaters and a parka {the one with fur around the hood} and my yellow toque and my thickest black scarf and my pink mittens {the ones with the bows} and my black boots {the ones with all the buckles} when I showed up at Brad and Theresa's house this morning.

- November 2012 (I actually totally remember this day. It was great. And cold.)


The car clock read 3:40, or something like that. Something early. Ante Meridiem. I was stopped at a red light, waiting for no one, and the streets were empty and the sky was very, very black.

I got to make the first tire tracks in the new snow. The best time of the day is actually the middle of the night.

This night was weird and different though. I was on my way to my friend's house to watch her kids so that she could go to the hospital to have her baby.

- November 2012 (I remember this night too. AND I remember what song was playing on the radio. Tegan and Sara's newest one, "Closer." I had never heard it before.)


i was sitting on the floor, legs folded up like an origami crane, pulling things out and sorting them into two piles: junk and good stuff.

one thing that i don't understand about myself, or anyone else, is why i ever put "junk" into the closet instead of into the garbage in the first place. why did i keep this paper with just stars doodled all over it? why this card from a friend i don't even remember being friends with that says, simply, "happy birthday, suzy"?

but soon i come to a big black book, and upon opening it, i know instantly why i kept it. and i know i can't ever throw it out.

- July 2012 (I have no idea what it was.)


Probably enough for tonight.