Saturday, June 02, 2018

Sully's Cellphone

"Sully, I need you to put your raincoat on."

Sullivan is hunched over his train set. "I don't need it," he says.

"No, you do," I say. "It's going to rain."

He sits back and pulls out his imaginary phone. This is a thing he does now. He taps away on the palm of his hand for a few seconds and then smiles up at me. "Mario just texted me. He says it's not supposed to rain today."

"Well, Mario doesn't know everything," I say.

He taps on his palm again. "Mario just texted me," he says. "He says he knows everything."

"Well, he doesn't know everything," I say, "because he apparently doesn't know he doesn't know everything. Go put your jacket on."

He does.

Two hours later, we return home from a morning of errand running. Sully slips out of his raincoat and runs to his room to resume his train thing. I sit Scarlett on the couch and start untying her shoelaces. She flaps her arms and babbles at me and points out the window at I don't know what. I make the usual one-sided small-talk with her. "Yeah," I say, "look at that! The sun's out! That's nice. Looks like it's not going to rain today after all."

Without missing a beat, Sully calls from the next room, "I guess Mario does know everything!"