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Hi, my name is Elena Krause.

I know, it's very confusing. When I was a baby, my mom named me Elena and then promptly started calling me Suzy Q (from that CCR song). It stuck, creating a lifetime of confusion and misunderstandings (a girl I went to school with thought I was twins for an embarrassingly long time). So my name isn't Suzy—it is, in fact, very much Elena—but it's also never not been Suzy.

In short: you can call me Suzy. I like to write, I like music, and I like my various people.

My debut, Valencia and Valentine is coming out on June 1, 2019 from Lake Union Publishing.
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I'm represented by Victoria Cappello at The Bent Agency, so if you want to talk to her about me, that is a thing you can do.

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