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Hi, my name is Elena Krause.

I know, it's very confusing. When I was a baby, my mom started calling me Suzy Q (from that CCR song) and it stuck. So my name isn't Suzy—it is, in fact, very much Elena—but it's also never not been Suzy.

In short: you can call me Suzy.

I've been blogging for over a decade now, and it's one of my favourite hobbies—I like writing and taking pictures and doodling. This is a place to quietly do those things in a fun little community without taking myself too seriously. It's good to have a place like that.

I have other places where I do some of these things in a more serious capacity too.

I helped write this book and it was published by HarperCollins in 2017.
My debut novel, tentatively titled Valencia & Valentine, is forthcoming from Lake Union Publishing, summer of 2019.
And I have another book in the works, probably coming out sometime in 2020, also from Lake Union.
I'm represented by Victoria Cappello at The Bent Agency in New York.

My dream is and has always been to write a billion books. So. Slowly but surely.

What else?

I'm married to a guy named Barclay. We live with two small children in a tiny but fun city called Regina, where I'm an ambassador for Tourism Regina (this basically means I scope out fun things to do in my city and then tell people via social media how much fun I had. (FYI: I'm not a representative or employee of TR, so all of my opinions belong to only me. I'm not a big walking advertisement for anything; I just believe in building into my community by showing up and being enthusiastic. I also like having fun, so that works out in my favour.)

There are other things about me, which you'll probably find out as time goes on. Much more and much less important things.

Lastly: if you want to catch up on posts from my last two blogs, you can click here: http://itwalkedonmypillow.wordpress.com/
or here

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