Suzy grew up in the village of Frontier, Saskatchewan, two hours from the nearest McDonald's, one hour from the nearest movie theatre, half an hour from the nearest swimming pool. She now lives in Regina—the Queen City!—and it has all of those things and she doesn't really use any of them. It's small compared to New York, but compared to Frontier, it's basically a megalopolis.

Suzy is a writer and a music lover. She's been blogging (here and elsewhere) for over a decade, but she also writes, from time to time, on various arts, entertainment, and lifestyle websites. Valencia and Valentine is her first novel, inspired by her time working as a debt collector in Saskatoon (she received a lot of death threats that summer).

Writing a book has been on her to-do list since she was six-ish, so it's good that she did it. You'll be able to read V&V in June 2019, and a second is on its way for July 2020—please hold your horses; these things take time.