When Mackenzie, Sunna, and Maude move into a converted rental house, they are strangers with only one thing in common—important people in their lives have “ghosted” them. Mackenzie’s sister, Sunna’s best friend, and Maude’s fiancé—all gone with no explanation.


    So when a mangled, near-indecipherable letter arrives in their shared mailbox, hinting at long-awaited answers, each tenant assumes it’s for her and the trio decides to stake out the coffee shop named in the letter—the only clue they have. But the more they learn about each other, the more questions (and suspicions) they begin to have.


    All the while, creepy sounds and strange happenings around the property suggest that the ghosts from their pasts might not be all that’s haunting them…


    "Quirky and unique, [Sorry I Missed You] spans multiple genres, from romance to mystery to good old-fashioned ghost story. The author deftly moves between spheres as she depicts highly divergent characters who ultimately find common ground. The fast-paced plot is alternatively funny and heart-wrenching. A high energy, feel-good story about the ghosts of our past and the importance of human connections."

    —Kirkus Reviews

  • If you're looking for something a little bit different this summer, then you need Suzy Krause's Sorry I Missed You in your life.



    "Heartwarming and funny." —Better Homes and Gardens


    Sorry I Missed You is so quirky and original, full of humor, wit, and warmth. I loved how three such different women forged a genuine friendship—and of course, that mystery. A real page-turner.”

    —Josie Silver, New York Times bestselling author of One Day in December


    “A quirky, original story about unexpected friendship and the power of hope, Sorry I Missed You is a gem of a book.”

    —Phaedra Patrick, internationally bestselling author of The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and The Library of Lost and Found


    “Quirky, original, hilarious, and poignant, Sorry I Missed You is an unforgettable read with a knockout premise.”

    —Samantha M. Bailey, author of Woman on the Edge


    “Full of charming antics, amateur sleuthing, a riveting mystery, and a letter that triangulates the central characters—you’ll find mischief, ghosts, tragedy, and triumph as you root for the reluctant, unlikely inhabitants that share the same abode.”

    —Julie Valerie, author of Holly Banks Full of Angst


    Sorry I Missed You is a ghost story, a mystery and a comedy featuring three mismatched roommates and their feckless landlord who ultimately learn from one another how their own fears have held them back far more than imagined ones. It’s a fun and breezy read.”

    —Lorna Landvik, author of Chronicles of a Radical Hag





    (Mrs. Valentine absolutely thinks about death too much. It is her favorite thing to think about.)


    When Valencia’s therapist challenges her to take a flight on her thirty-fifth birthday, she's at a loss for where to go—until she falls in love with a man over the phone at the debt collection center where she works. The problem is, she’s not entirely sure the man exists...and she’s deathly afraid of getting on an airplane.

    Mrs. Valentine isn’t afraid to fly—she’s been everywhere there is to go. And on one of those trips, her own worst fear came true: she lost the love of her life.


    The only thing Valencia and Mrs. Valentine have in common is death—one fears it, one has made peace with it. But maybe they both still have a thing or two to learn about it...

    “Perfectly poignant, and for oddballs everywhere.”

    —Georgia Clark, critically acclaimed author of The Regulars

  • “Despite themes of loneliness, loss, and mental illness, Krause manages to infuse her tale with charm and gentle humor.”



    “Suzy Krause’s debut novel, Valencia and Valentine, is a warm and unexpected treat.”



    Valencia and Valentine is a beguiling and charming first novel by Suzy Krause.”



    “A singularly unique, superbly scripted, and inherently entertaining novel by an author with a distinctively reader engaging narrative storytelling style…”

    —Midwest Book Review


    “Perfect for fans of Maria Semple and Graeme Simsion, Valencia and Valentine is a charming novel with quirky characters the reader can’t help falling in love with.”

    —Susie Orman Schnall, award-winning author of The Subway Girls


    “A terrific debut, sure to delight fans of Gail Honeyman and Fredrik Backman. Irresistible!”

    —Lori Nelson Spielman, internationally bestselling author of Sweet Forgiveness and The Life List


    “A heartwarming and life-affirming story.”

    —Camille Pagán, bestselling author of I’m Fine and Neither Are You


    “Funny, warm, and deeply insightful, Valencia and Valentine is a must-read for anyone who’s ever struggled with loneliness, OCD or simply being human.”

    —Kathy Cooperman, bestselling author of Crimes Against a Book Club and The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield


    “Valencia and Valentine is an exquisitely detailed, intricately woven tale that speaks to the truth at the heart of every good story: love. It will draw you in from the first line and keep you guessing until the very last heartrending page.”

    —Eliza Gordon, author of Dear Dwayne, With Love




    Suzy Krause is a writer and music lover from the Saskatchewan prairies. She grew up on a farm in the actual middle of nowhere, but now resides in the small city of Regina, a whole four and a half hours from the middle of nowhere. This is where her books are set, in case you like reading stories about a place four and a half hours from the middle of nowhere.


    Her first novel, Valencia and Valentine was inspired by her time as a debt collector and the song Heart by Stars. Sorry I Missed You, not a sequel to V&V, was inspired by a house down the street which has three mailboxes and looks like it could possibly be haunted. (And probably is. Every person and every place is haunted.)


    Obviously, all of my in-person events are either cancelled or on hold right now. Hopefully most of them will still happen! I miss people.

    However! I have Zoom, FaceTime Google Meet, G Chat, Houseparty, Duo, AND a telephone, so if your book club or library or aunt wants to talk to me, THERE ARE WAYS.

    Event Type: Workshop

    March 21, 2020 from 9 AM - 5 PM at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

    I'll be teaching a little workshop about plotting books and using Scrivener! From their website:

    "Find out how to use Scrivener to its full potential - for plotting, organizing, editing, and beyond - as Suzy walks us through exercises to plot our own novels. Bonus: Scrivener is offering a discount on their software for all attendees."

    Event Type: Workshop

    April 4, 2020 from 9:45 AM - 4:30 PM at the George Bothwell Branch of the RPL

    I'm going to be talking about PUBLISHING STUFF like always. From their website:

    "In this workshop, published author Suzy Krause will talk about the necessary steps to finding and working with a literary agent—a valuable career relationship for any author, and a necessity if you are interested in being published by any of the larger traditional publishing houses and/or selling your work in international markets. She'll cover query letters, finding and vetting the right agent for your work and career, agent/author relationships, how the agent will work with you to submit your manuscript to a publishing house, and what happens after you're offered a contract. A workshop for those who are dreaming big!"

    Book Launch (with Robyn Koester!)

    Event Type: Reading/Music

    Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 7 PM at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon

    Admission to hear Robyn sing is you have to listen to me read for a few minutes. :)

    Details on mcnallyrobinson.com.


    Reading and Tea

    Event Type: Author Reading

    Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at the Glenavon Library

    I'm going to be reading from Sorry I Missed You and there's tea to follow. Lovely.



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